Sunday, March 13, 2016

Great Album Covers

Here is a collection of what I consider the greatest album art. The rules in determining a great album cover

  1. No nudity or subtle profanity. I'm not against nudity and profanity. To deserve being on this list the album's appeal must exceed a higher standard than being sexually attractive
  2. Generally I'm against portraits of the artist. I love sultry images of Allison Moorer or Shania Twain. But, again, to be great you have to achieve a higher beauty.
  3. Disturbing and great are two different things. When I first saw Van Halen's 1984 it disturbed me. That does not make it great. Just attention grabbing. Likewise with Blind Faith

Without further ado, in no particular order:

Pearl Jam
by Pearl Jam
I love avocados. I grew up next to an avocado grove. There's just something magical about them for me. And then impose it on a simple, deep sky blue background

Complicated Game
James McMurtry
Well balanced. Great continuum and contrast of white to black. Captures loneliness and music. Inspires imagination

Dare You To Do It Again
Jessie Mae Hemphill and Friends
A cowboy hat, a cigarette and a gun. I don't like cowboy hats, guns or cigarettes. But, on Jessie Mae, in a dress, they look fantastic

Back To Oakland
Tower of Power
For so many Oakland is nothing more than the city with a lower cost of living and a higher rate of crime on the other side of the Bay Bridge across from San Francisco. What New Jersey is to New York City. When I see this cover it makes me smile. To me it shows Oakland as the home and San Francisco as the place to escape to get back home to Oakland

Born Not to Run
Car Talk
Rest in peace Tom Magliozzi. A great homage and pun on another great album

London Calling
The Clash
So many things have been said about this cover. The unleashed angst. The loss of control. And the homage to Elvis's eponymous album. This is greatest cover of all time

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