Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things I don't understand

1. Bath Robes Why take your clothes off only to put on another item of clothing that you're then just going to take off again in 60 seconds when you get to the bathroom? I don't find them particularly sexy on men or women. I just don't get it. When I worked at Sears in the men's department way back in high school, there was a crazy guy who wore nothing but bathrobes and came in every night for a week to try on the same one before he finally bought it.

2. The Spork. The worst invention, ever. Especially the plastic ones that they have at Taco Bell. It's good neither as a spoon nor a fork. You go to stab something with the fork part but the big fat spoon part prevents it. You go to scoop some soup up and, one, the spoon can't fill up because there's holes at the end to create fork tines, and, two the fork tines poke you as you pull the spoon out. And why isn't it called a foon? Why a spork? How hard would it be for Taco Bell to have forks AND spoons? Why do you need a spoon at Taco Bell anyway? Wouldn't the happiness derived by having proper utensils outweigh the minuscule amount of money they save by saving on 1 utensil on the rare customer who would have grabbed both a fork AND a spoon to eat a taco? The only one that I would ever consider using is this red one that I saw at REI where there's spoon at one end and a fork at the other. But then on further inspection I see that they couldn't restrain themselves: they had to go and make the fork part a combination knife (so is it a sporife?) which means you're going to cut yourself when you eat with that fork. Fuck. Sporks just suck.

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